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Share simple workflow and permission

Question asked by e-no91 on Apr 25, 2014
Now I have 3 folders, 'Upload', 'Review' and 'Approval'.
In Upload, I've set permission ONLY User A can upload files (contributor). When uploaded, the file moves to 'Review'.
In 'Review', permission is ONLY given to user B, as site collaborator , if B approve, the file is moved to 'Approval'.
In 'Approval', only user C is the Collaborator.

1) My problem is user A cannot upload files at all, no matter how I set it as Contributor or Site Contributor. (What is the difference?? Is it contributor as a whole, but site contributor is on that particular folder?)

2) If I remove restriction in 'Upload', I can upload files, but when User B want to approve in 'Review', there's an error - worfklow could not be completed..

Please help me on this..

Thank you

So far one step is solved..
'Upload', User A = Contributor
'Review', User A = Contributor, User B = Site Manager
if user B approve, file goes to 'Approval;, if not, file goes to 'Not approved'.
'Approval', User B = Contributor, User C = Site Manager
'Not approved', User B = Contributor, everyone = Site consumer

But now, User A can upload (in both Upload and Review, but that's ok for now), User B can only NOT APPROVE, if User B approve, it displays error Workflow could not be completed….
Why I can't I use back the same permission concept of 'Review' folder on 'Approval'?