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alfresco-wqs-clientapi with Maven

Question asked by leonardo.celati on Apr 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by leonardo.celati
I have started a spring surf using maven archetype, in order to build a wcmqs webapp.

I am using this repository as suggested by wiki page.

      <name>Alfresco Artifacts Releases</name>

All the necessary jars seem to be downloaded, however I get an error from Maven at install time, complaining that it cannot find the classes held in alfresco-wqs-clientapi artifact, the one related to Asset, CollectionFactory… and so on, which instead I see available in the repository.

<a href="">alfresco-wqs-clientapi/3.4.a</a>
I have tried with this with no success:


Am I missing something in my configuration?