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Question asked by noobfreso on Apr 29, 2014

Could you please tell me if I can do that with RM?

user1 has to upload a scanned file in folderA, user2 has to validate this file, then the file is transfeed to folderB for a 1 year period, then I want user1 and user2 to be aware the file epxired, so I was considering moving it after 1 year from folderB to folderC with an email rule in folderC, and then user1 has again to valide it so it enter again the lifecycle, otherwise the fill should be deleted or transferred into a "expiration" folder.

Note also that those files have a special Type, and there is a metadata with same info as a field from the scanned document.

So, I was thinking RM could help me but it seems that there are some restrictions with rules, workflow, and types… am I wrong? I could also try to dev something to manage the whole thing within a classic Share site but I prefer to keep the out-of-the-box Alfresco.

Also I would like to know if I can build a file plan with different lifecycles…
Because from what I understand, here it how it works:
RM, with categories. Each category can have a lifecycle for its files, but folders have absolutely to keep the same lifecycle than its parent company.