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customizing Search result page

Question asked by gdey on Apr 29, 2014
Hi All
  I am very new to Alfresco platform, I am in the process of evaluating the various feature and functionality of Alfresco from users and programmer side.
  I have a requirement in my project for which I wanted to check if there is any OOB functionality that can cover it or if I have to develop my own component what would be the recommended approach in Alfresco.

The user wants to search document based on a search criteria , he/she then want to select multiple  docs from the search result and be able to change meta data for all the document doc and also be able to move the selected doc from the search result to a folder.

The Alfresco 4.c default search page does not provide an option to select multiple doc from the search result.
Is there any default out of the box functionality to perform these mass update of meta data or mass move from a search result in Alfreso?
If I have to implement what would be the best and recommended approach in Alfresco to achieve this functionality.

Thanks in advance for helping with the suggestions