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Tomcat failure after patch

Question asked by kruger on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by kaynezhang
Hello. I had problems with when working in /share. So i found this topic
As it was mentioned in it, I downloaded from here:

]GoogleDocs integration
File   Description
alfresco-googledocs-repo-2.0.3-23.amp   Repository AMP for GoogleDocs integration
alfresco-googledocs-share-2.0.3-23.amp   Share AMP for GoogleDocs integration

I copied first file to \Alfresco-4.2c\amps
second to \Alfresco-4.2c\amps_share

then I ran the apply_amps.bat script

So now I cant enter alfresco ;(

First tomcat was saing there was an error and thats it, but then it opened the login page (but somehow with older graphics, from v. 3.x I belliev and non of my users can enter including admin.

Please help. I didnt performed a backup for a while now =(

I run Alfresco comunity on win server 2003 enterprise edition