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Share advanced search - choosing visible index fields and saving queries

Question asked by mrmike on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by mrmike
I'm curious to know if share can be configured to implement two things.

The first thing I'm interested in is to allow a user to save and name a specific query that they've executed previously in advanced search. i.e. if there are index items A, B, and C. and they chose to do advanced search search for A= test and they want to execute this search often. They can save this and name it something like 'Query for A = test' to click on later and not have to type in the search criteria again.

The second is the ability for a user to select which index items they'd like to appear on the advanced search page. i.e. if there are three index items A, B, and C- and the user only wants to see A and B when they go to the search page…. is there anything for share that allows the user to see a list of all index items and let them check and save which they'd like to view?

If this will need to be done from scratch, has anyone done something of this nature? What direction did you head?

Thanks all!