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Content link to pdf

Question asked by drupal918 on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by lutz.horn
I have been using Alfresco for a while now, but have not found a good method to link to docs yet. Here is our use case - there is a documents folder on the repo root of Share containing several pdf's. We have a site in Alfresco containing it's own documents (mostly .html) with content, and are looking to add links within that content to those pdf's. For example, say we have a pdf all about website optimization…in an HTML content page within Alfresco we want to link the word 'optimize' to that pdf to open in a new browser window.

I've seen some say use metadata or a custom model, is there a simpler way than going through all that just to add a content link to a pdf?