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Return the content of an associated node when reading another

Question asked by technaton on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by technaton
Hello fellow developers,

I'm currently developing a Alfresco extension to mimick Linux/Unix syslinks in Alfresco. I've developed a Share action that creates nodes of the type
and sets all properties correctly.

However, when reading the node via CIFS (JLAN), it opens as a text file. Which is the right format for a link, but not the intended behaviour of a symlink.

So I'm trying to create a custom content type that subclasses
but reads the destination node's (
) content instead of that of the node. How can I do this?

I worked myself through the custom content types tutorial and know of the Policy/Behaviour model. I can resolve the destination node in Java. But I do not know how to point the "content reader" at the destination node's content instead of the link's text representation.

Is there perhaps a way to "wrap" the read call? Or should I change the
property on the fly…?

And pointers or hints are welcome!

Thanks alot in advance,
— Eric