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Adding an aspect on multiple documents AND/OR adding an aspect on upload

Question asked by ipirat on May 3, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by ipirat

I'm working with Alfresco Share (/share) and uploaded quite some documents. Now I realised that to assign Categories to them, I need to add a sertain aspect to the documents forst (Classification aspect).
So now my questions:

<li>Is there a way to add an aspect to ALL Documents (or all documents in a doc library of a certain site or at least to all documents of a folder)?
<li>Is there a way to preselect a bunch of aspects that are automatically added to newly uploaded documents?
<li>I need that for future documents
<li>If the answer to the question 1 is "no", I could reupload all documents (as there isn't THAT much done with them yet)

disclaimer: I'm quite new to alfresco and very new to the forum. please move the discussion to a (more) appropriate subforum, if necessary.