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Question asked by rjohnson on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by spilby
We are currently creating an interface to allow an imaging system to store images in alfresco against an event record document.

The process is that the imaging system calls a SOAP object that creates the event record document and then the imaging system calls another method on the SOAP object to create a series of images that are stored in Alfresco. The SOAP object to store the images calls a simple Javascript webscript to store the content and it also create an association between the event record document and the image file it just created.

When we run this we seem to get an error at random:

Error:JavaException: org.springframework.dao.ConcurrencyFailureException: Failed to update node 69939

There are a few posts on this in the forums but these all seem to relate to MySQL and we are using Alfresco 4.2e and PostgreSQL. None of the posts offer much of a solution apart from one on MySQL which talks of adjusting the index locking strategy. Clearly that is not relevant to PostgreSQL.

Anyone with any ideas on this?

Could we detect the error and retry? Do we need to limit concurrency on the SOAP service? Is there a PostgerSQL adjustment to make?

Thank you all for your help.