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Template List order

Question asked by crono40 on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by crono40
Hi all,

I'm using Alfresco Share 4.2.f

I have a problem. I upload few files in the folder Repository/Data Dictionnary/Node Model.

So when i want to create a file thanks to a template, i have the list in the menu containing all my templates. The problem is that the list is not sorted : not by name, by title, by description or by nodeRef.

We are using a project method for templates. For examples, i want first in the list the specifications, after the quality document and to finish the test document.

Is there a way to do this ? When i add each time a document, the list mixes.

Waiting for your Help. Thanks a lot.


PS: Sorry for my english :)