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Regarding File System Usage in Alfresco

Question asked by prabhudev on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by mrogers
Hi All,
I'm entirely new to alfresco. So kindly excuse me if my questions are very silly.
Let me describe my question and the issue which lead me to ask this question.

We're using alfresco version 3.4.5 for maintaining htmls, documents, pdf files and such contents for our site. Recently we are facing File system usage limit exceeded issue in our servers.
We have nearly 50GB of content uploaded/used by our alfresco server. Basically we use our alfresco server to upload, change, deploy our changes to the production server.

When I check where the file system has been used to this level. I came to know the folder where we store all our contents is one folder, whose size is around 52GB. And the other folder is the /opt/alfresco-3.4.5/alf_data where all the binaries are stored, whose size is also around 48GB. Sadly our server has a total file system size is 120 GB.
I have cleared the contentstore.deleted which was holding some considerable amount of space.
Still we are having the nearly 100GB of data, which we are trying to reduce it.

OK. My question is, from the sizes of the folders I guess the contents (files,docs,pdfs.etc) are occupying 50GB in server. Also they are occupying as binaries. So there are two copies of that file?? Or the binaries are only meant to keep the versioning of these files??

Also is there any way to reduce the file system usage in my case??

Thanks in advance!!