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Content description saved value locale problem?

Question asked by nenad982 on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by nenad982
Hi all,

I am experiencing following problem. My clients are using German and English locales to work with Alfresco (they like Explorer and they don't want to use Share). If they add some value for node description on English locale and search for that description value in Advanced Search in German locale this DOCUMENT IS FOUND (switch from Lucene to Solr fixed the problem to find document with specific description that is entered in one locale and searched on another) but description IS NOT SHOWN on UI for that node (also node browser do now show value for description if we are in different locale). But if they search on English locale (locale on which this value is added) DOCUMENT IS FOUND and description IS SHOWN on UI and on node browser.

Is there possibility to use Java API to save value for description for ALL LOCALES that are supported (we have behavior that will create specific description based on parent nodes and other values)?