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Question asked by e-no91 on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by irenailievska
These are my folders and permissions
i) Folder W, User A : Contributor
ii) Folder X, User A : Contributor, User B : Site Manager, Admin : Site Manager
iii) Folder Y, User B : Consumer, User C : Editor, Admin : Site Manager
iv) Folder Z, User C : Consumer, Admin : Site Manager

1) User A uploads a file to Folder W, and a rule will execute script to move it to folder X. My purpose of doing this is to restrict user A from From folder X, but I cannot because user A needs to be a contributor at folder X to move the file.. How do I do this?

2) I managed to restrict User C from uploading any file by becoming Editor. Files from Folder Y can be moved to Folder Z through task by adding <runas>admin</runas>. But why I cannot achieve the same thing on User B, Folder X (User B is Site Manager here, if I set as Editor, user B cannot complete task)?

Thank you in advance!