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My favorites folders

Question asked by rickiferbarros on May 15, 2014
Hi, everybody.

When I mark a Folder as Favorite in a Site, that Folder appears in "My files -> My favorites". However, when I try to access the Folder there, I just get the message "No itens", but, YES, it have itens. The same thing occurs in "Shared Files -> My favorites". The only places where this works is in "Site Document Library -> My favorites" and in "Repository -> My favorites"

I got these addresses when I click on the Folder in the following places:

"My files -> My favorites -> Folder"

"Shared Files -> My favorites -> Folder"

"Repository -> My favorites -> Folder"

"Document Library -> My favorites -> Folder"

Is there a way to this works "AT LEAST" in "My files"?