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Inheriting ACL from multiple parent folder

Question asked by mahatma on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by mahatma
Is it possible in Alfresco CE to have a document (cm:content) that inherits ACL from all "parent" folders? I mean…not only from "primary" parent folder".
document: D1 (ACL user1=Editor)
primary parent Folder: F1 (ACL user2=Contributor)
secondary parent Folder: F2 (ACL user3=Collaborator)

D1 is present in F1 as primary child association (cm:contains) and is present also in F2 as secondary association (cm:contains).

I need that ACL of Document D1 would be as:
ACL user1=Editor, ACL user2=Contributor, ACL user3=Collaborator

Of course, if ACL change on Folder F2 they should change on Document D1 too…