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Weird Login issue

Question asked by hsturner on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by mlagneaux
I have come across a weird log-in issue. We have configured Alfresco to log-in using Active Directory credentials. Recently we switched to the explorer view to get around an issue we were having with share.  Now we have some users on certain machines, that have to log in twice to be able to log into alfresco, and only if they use a favorites or bookmark to access the site, and only the first time they access the site after opening the browser. The behavior they get the first time they log in they are brought back to the log in page but do not get the error message that the username or password is incorrect. They enter their log in a second time and successfully log in.

If they navigate to the site using their browser, or if they don't not close the browser after successfully logging in, then they only have to log in once to get past the log-in page. Again since this only seems to affect some users on some machines I suspect it may not be an alfresco problem, and could be related to our AD structure.