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Share WebScripts cache problem

Question asked by tonyrivet on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by tonyrivet

I'm stuck with a very annoying problem caused by Surf WebSripts displaying cached response when going back on a page.

Let's explain the problem with an example : I have a custom action on the document details page that changes some document properties. This action ends refreshing the document metadata and the page components (metadata, actions…) are well refreshed. But if I move to another page and then go back to the document details page, the metadata component is displayed with the old properties. I have to refresh the page to show the new properties again.

I think the document metadata presentation WebScript returns a cached response that was registered on the page first display before I used my action.

- <strong>Is that a normal behaviour ?</strong>
- <strong>How can I deal with this ?</strong>
- <strong>Is there a way to force the presentation WebScript to refresh its response when using the browser go back button ?</strong>

I tried to add the following cache properties to the metadata presentation WebScript but nothing changed (I guess these are reserved for repo WebScripts…) :


Thank you for your help !