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How to delete content from contentstore that is not referenced in database???

Question asked by nenad982 on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by afaust
Hi all,

so I have a repository that contains binary files under alf_date/contentstore but I don't have that content in alf_content_url table in database. So it is obvious that somehow references to that content are removed from database but not from the file system (don't ask my how, I am new in this project and repository is obviously don't have valid state…). So because that content takes a lot of space on the dist, and I am not sure which binary file has reference in database and which not (there can be hundreds of thousands of documents are invalid), I have to delete that invalid content from file system.

So if I understand this deletion procedure correctly, when we delete something in application (Explorer or Share) it will go to Trashcan and it will stay there (is still under alf_data/contentstore). When this content is removed from Trashcan it will be marked in database as deleted and it will become orphan content, and by default it will stay in alf_data/contentstore at least 14 days, but after that it should be moved to alf_data/contentstore.deleted and we can remove it from file system at will. But this orphan content that I have problem with is from February 2013, and it still exists in contentstore?!

Does anybody has suggestion how I can achieve this? To delete all content from file system that is no longer referenced in database.

Thanks in advance…