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Site Invitation eMail Link doesn't work.

Question asked by michaelp on May 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by michaelp
Hello everybody,

So I managed ALfresco to send eMail Notifications to join a Site. The eMail is sent, but the link to accept the invitation is broken.
First the link was….. 

so I changed in the

Now the link looks like….. 
. Problem is we are using a proxy to redirect to share so with the additionl port the link wont work, copying the link and manually deleting ":8080" works. The link should be….. 

Deleting the port in the properties wont work because then it would be Null.

Any suggestions where I can change the link builder to delet the code where it will input the port?

I know there are many suggestions for this problem but none of them works. Some says I should hardcode the url, where to do this if nothing other works?

Sincerely, Michael

EDIT: solved the problem. Used https and didn't set port to 443. So using
I need to use
port 443
, in my case.