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SOLVED LDAP sync - reset user fields to first time value

Question asked by avtor on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by avtor
Hi all!

We have the following:

    alfresco 4.2.1 EE (without support yet, just for test)
    Ubuntu 12.04.4

By use the example in alfresco docs: «Example: authentication and synchronization with one ldap-ad subsystem» , I have setup ldap sync in the following manner:

### authentication ###

### LDAP ###

### CRON ###
synchronization.import.cron=1 */5 * * * ? *

After that I have some protected fields in a user profile. For example an e-mail field.

So, my problem step by step:

1. Create a user in a LDAP-ad: chapaev , Vasiliy Chapaev , email:

2. Login with the user in alfresco, enter to it's profile and see the protected fields with correct e-mail and so on.

For example: field with e-mail has address:

3. After that I change his e-mail in LDAP-ad console (for example): change FROM TO

4. After some minutes (just see my cron settings), I see a new value in e-mail field. It looks like this: - It's OK!

5. I want to setup any other info in a user profile use UNPROTECTED fields: for example setup an user avatar, or setup a mobile phone. - For example, enter a mobile phone.

After save changes I see the following:

I see my mobile phone and OLD value in protected e-mail field! In my case I see: again… But LDAP has NEW value!

The mail field has an old value until I change LDAP-ad entry time stamp for a new full sync of entry.

I think alfresco has a cache with first time value. It's bad.

Can you help me with it?