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Costum userprofile with Ldap sync and immutablefield

Question asked by cirib on May 20, 2014
Hi guys
I have expanded the model "CM: Person" with an Aspect. Just as it is described here ( This also runs well so far. But now I have a problem with the newly implemented fields and LDAP. How can I define these new properties as ImmutableField or where?

I've also defined in FreeMarker template, but where can I set this property as immutablefield?


<div class="row">
               <span class="label"><label for="${el}-input-costCenter">${msg("label.costCenter")}:</label></span>
               <span><input type="text" maxlength="256" size="30" id="${el}-input-costCenter" value="" <@immutablefield field="costCenter" /> /></span>

Thanks for the support