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Version does not exist in store error

Question asked by leonardo.celati on May 21, 2014
I am having so many problems with the Web Quick Start, and seems that very few (by judging from the answers to my questions in this forum) are using it as a web tier. At this point I am seriously thinking about writing my own app.

This time I am trying to access an Asset from the WCMQS web app, by means of webscript. However, I am getting the error above.

Caused by: org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.TemplateException: 042143925 Error during processing of the template '042143924 The version with label 1.7 does not exisit in the version store.'

I don't know where this 1.7 comes from, the published Asset is supposed to be at 2.3.

These are the checks I have done:

<li>The publishing folder both in Share and Explorer shows the correct updated version number
<li>Lucene Search in node browser in share show the Asset with the proper version</li>
<li>Invoke manually the Web Scripts related to the WCMQS, which are webassetsearch, webasset and others,
retrieve the correct asset with the proper version
<li>Browse the Alfresco MySql database, alf_node and others, has only one entry, with the correct version

So, I am stuck in understanding why the WCMQS (or Alfresco) keep trying to look for the 1.7.
I am unable to classify the problem as a WCMQS problem or an Alfresco problem.

The only solution is to delete and recreate the Asset, and publish again trough the relevant quick start workflow.