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Alfresco share disables form history

Question asked by reynanuy on May 22, 2014
Hi. We recently upgraded from Explorer to Share and thus found out that Share does not support form history, at least that's what we think after checking in all major browsers. Basically we have clients who create tons of documents per day and they find the form history extremely useful, when filling forms which often take the same values. From what I've read about the problem, for which there is very little available, it might have to do with the fact that the form is submitted twice. According the the forms engine architecture, YUI might have something to do about it as well. But as you can see we are a little lost about this problem, so is there anyone than can point us in the right direction at least? We find it strange that nobody else seems to desire such a feature, so we assume(hopefully not incorrectly) that there must be a quick fix for it. In any case, thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.