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Share configuration with Maven

Question asked by sihnu on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by sihnu

I've been figuring out how to use maven & amp for development. Finally, I was able to register a custom model with amp & module management tool. Next thing is to customize share to show the customized model type in UI but it's causing problems. I've created SHARE extension module with maven archetype and I can see share-config-custom.xml file in the module but how should I deploy the changes? Module package is defined as WAR in pom.xml. I've tried to change it to jar and drop it into tomcat/share/lib but changes won't come in place.How should I deploy the module? Also is there a possibility to do share extension using amp file? If so where should I place share-config-custom.xml so that it would be read by Alfresco? I would rather use amp for share customization as well.

Thanks in Advance, Sihnu