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Alfresco Explorer blocks properties when I change it?

Question asked by spilby on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by spilby
I have a problem after using the Alfresco Explorer.

I have created a java webscript to create nodes and modify properties, into a transaction, oks? All works fine when I use the webscript. I create folders, subfolders, modify the properties, all ok.

But then, I do the following… I go to the Alfresco Explorer. Find one of the folders and edit the properties, modify something and save.

After I do this, when I use my webscript and try to change a property of one of the nodes that I changed before with the Alfresco Explorer, a exception is thrown: "ConcurrencyFailureException: Failed to update node". And I can't change or add properties on this node. Only if I restart the server I can update with my webscript the node again and all works fine another time.

First I thank that was a problem in my code, but if so, it would never works. Or it doesn't works after the restart. But no, the code works always if I don't use the Alfresco Explorer, and works again if I restart the tomcat server where alfresco runs.

Are there a problem with the Alfresco Explorer that blocks the properties of the nodes when someone change it? What might be the problem? I'm using Alfresco Enterprise v4.1.6.