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label definitions for share

Question asked by hello_wrold on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by aaditvmajmudar
Hello all,

I've been tinkering with Alfresco (community ed., 4.2f) to get my custom labels for my custom content model, but somewhere I must've been missing the point – my aspects' labels won't appear in the share.

Generally, I followed Jeff Potts fine tutorial, made my custom fooModel.xml with an aspect "customer" that has two properties:

    <aspect name="foo:customer">
      <title>AHA Customer</title>
        <property name="foo:customerno">
        <property name="foo:customername">

My share-config-custom.xml:

<config evaluator="aspect" condition="foo:customer">
            <!– Field visibility  –>
                <show id="foo:customerno" />
                <show id="foo:customername" />
            <!– appearance Element  –>
                <field id="foo:customerno" labelId="prop.foo_customerno"  />
                <field id="foo:customername" labelId="prop.foo_customername"  />

I wanted the "foo:customerno" and "foo:customername" to appear  s "customer number" and "customer name". This works,  when I add a label to the appearance in share-config-custom.xml like this:

<field id="foo:customerno" labelId="prop.foo_customerno" label="customer number" />
<field id="foo:customername" labelId="prop.foo_customername" label="customer name" />

But for all I know this isn't the Alfresco Way to do it and I  efined them in my as

foo_bar.aspect.foo_customerno=customer number
foo_bar.aspect.foo_customername=customer name

(with "foo" being my model's prefix bar, "bar is the model's name) However this doesn't work and the share client just show "foo:customerno:".

I tried a heap of variations on that scheme none of them lead  id what I wanted to. Other field definitions in work just fine.

Could anyone give a hint or, even better, an example of how it's done the proper way? I feel like searching a needle in a haystack.