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4.1.2 - client-debug.....

Question asked by mtw999 on May 28, 2014

When I enable client-debug, my Share instance hangs at DocumentLibrary (loading Document Library)…..

With Firebug, I'm able to see an exception is occurring in toolbar.js within the onUserAccess: function DLTB_onUserAccess(layer, args) function. It is failing when it is evaluating widgets at the newFolder index. For whatever reason widget = this.widgets[index]; is evalating to null, so no widget for index.

var obj = args[1];
if (obj && obj.userAccess)
var widget, index, menuItems;
for (index in this.widgets)
if (this.widgets.hasOwnProperty(index))
widget = this.widgets[index];
// Skip if this action specifies "no-access-check"
if (widget.get("srcelement").className != "no-access-check")

Anyone encounter this?