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Problem about Alfresco backup

Question asked by rock_tu on May 29, 2014
Hello Everyone
I faced a problem about alfresco backup for a long time,I have done that follow the link,but when I run "duplicity" and ./ backup,it's appear some error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/duplicity/bin/duplicity", line 45, in
from duplicity import collections
File "/opt/duplicity/duplicity/", line 29, in
from duplicity import path
File "/opt/duplicity/duplicity/", line 36, in
from duplicity import librsync
File "/opt/duplicity/duplicity/", line 29, in
import _librsync
ImportError: No module named _librsync,
I have install the version of duplicity is 0.6.21,the version of librsyne is 0.9.7,the ncftp is 3.2.5,the version of python is 2.6.6,the version of boto is 2.9.6,Any one faced the some problem? Any one can give me a good idea?thank you very much!!