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CmisStorageException on checkin

Question asked by timwebster9 on Jun 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by josenavarrovargas

I am trying to programmatically add and checkout/checkin documents against Alfresco 4.2f using Apache Chemistry v11.0 (atompub binding).  Frequently I get the following exception from the server while performing a checkin:

org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.commons.exceptions.CmisStorageException: Expected 654502 bytes but retrieved 0 bytes!
   at org.alfresco.opencmis.AlfrescoCmisServiceImpl.copyToTempFile(
   at org.alfresco.opencmis.AlfrescoCmisServiceImpl.checkIn(

If the checkin fails the document remains checkout out, so I then try to delete the document like so (the document here is the object returned from the original createDocument() call):

            if (document.isVersionSeriesCheckedOut()) {
      "Cancelling checkout of document with id {}.", document.getId());


However, the check to see if it's checked out returns false, and it tries to delete it anyway, resulting in another exception:

org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.commons.exceptions.CmisConstraintException: Could not delete/cancel checkout on the original checked out document

Am I doing anything obviously wrong?