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Remove resizability from Preview Property View

Question asked by apbarratt on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by deko
Hi guys,

When loading up a folder to show the documents inside, I have details about our folder on the left hand side (with custom properties that we have designed for our use case).

These appear in the Preview Property View (#OwRecordPreviewPropertyView).

Underneath this is nothing, however the property view becomes collapsed when the page loads with a bar to resize it.  I'd like to remove this resizing bar and just have the view open at full height on every page load.

I've attached a screenshot of the preview view.  Sorry it's not wonderfully clear.  In it you can see five rows of data, there are actually several more rows but I have to drag the faint grey bar down to see all of them.

Any ideas?

(Web designer charged with skinning Alfresco Workdesk for a project it's used in.  First time encountering Workdesk.)