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Document Library oddity

Question asked by shieldfire on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by shieldfire
As a noob I got confused if this is expected behaviour:

* I create a Site called ChessClub
* I upload a few documents to ChessClub
* I add a test user as member to the site
* I set permissions on a document in ChessClub to Collaborator (access)
* I give the my test user the role Collaborator

Now I log in as my test user

* Clicking DocumentLibrary I see no documents at all.
* Trying to add a document I add one using the Google Docs feature, document is created and saved

Now I log in as my regular user

* All my previously uploaded documents "are gone" (not visible)
* I do see the document from the collaborator (test user)

Is this expected? To me it seems a bit weird.
If it is in fact weird, what can have gone wrong? How do I get my original documents back? (short of re-uploading them).