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Task State to filter WorkflowInstanceQuery

Question asked by dave984 on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by vangnd1
In my activity bmpn i have some states such as "Start Process", "Review", "Second Review" and so on…
When i start the Workflow in Share i can navigate it through all states.
Now, how can i retrieve the current state in my custom webscript?
Here some code:

WorkflowInstanceQuery workflowInstanceQuery = new WorkflowInstanceQuery();
// get filter param values
Map<QName, Object> filters = new HashMap<QName, Object>(9);
if (req.getParameter(PARAM_TASK_STATE) != null){
     filters.put(??????????, req.getParameter(PARAM_TASK_STATE));

For example for the Review and Approve basic Alfresco's workflow the state i'm trying to retrieve are "Start Review", "In Review", "Approved", "Rejected"…
Someone have an idea?!