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Alfresco RestFull Api and Metadata

Question asked by albertogarcía on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by albertogarcía

I'm new to the page and to Alfresco.

I'm developing a basic Alfresco Java proyect and need some advice. I have to upload, download and delete files from alfresco (already done with similar code)

Next step, I have to modify the properties of a node. I can access to the properties with the URL, but when I try to change any property I always get the following error:

Expression node is undefined on line 10, column 6 in org/alfresco/cmis/item.put.atomentry.ftl.

This is the code:
         String urlStringPut = ""
               + authTicket;
         PutMethod mPut = new PutMethod(urlStringPut);
         Part[] parts = {
               new StringPart("cm:description", "description")
         mPut.setRequestEntity(new MultipartRequestEntity(parts, mPut
         int statusCode2 = client.executeMethod(mPut);

The conection works well since I can get the xml with the same URL. I can't use Spring since the code is not mine.

Thanks in advance