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Customizing and extending RM

Question asked by frankg12 on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by taksoy

Im new to this topic and couldnt find a lot of informations about this: Customizing and extending RM

- Is it a common way (like extending Alfresco Share) to extend and customize Records Management? Because I could'nt find so many Informations about it.
- We want to customize the RM for the german market. Does anyone have experience with that?
- E.g. its necessary to extend the RM with a new type (lets say for example "Custom Record Category"). Therefore in the RM module in Share needs to be a button to create this new type "Custom Record Category". How I can do that?
- How is the sizing of this module (e.g. how many Record objects are possible in one Record Folder?) Is it different to Share in general?

Im also very pleased to get general informations in this topic.


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