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Problem to access pagecontext from FTL

Question asked by abarisone on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by abarisone
Hi all,
I have an Rich Client application with a FTL file that includes some ExtJS files.
The context of the installation is not /alfresco but /DOC/alfresco.
The problem is that in this snippet contained in a javascript declaration
… src="${url.context}/uirnet/browser/i18n.js?${url.context}" id="i18n"
the former expression is correctly replaced by /DOC/Alfresco while the latter is replaced by /alfresco.
How could it be possible such different behaviour on the same line?
Besided, is it possible in Freemarker to access context path with something like ${pageContext.request.contextPath}" in order to handle this variable resolution before the scripts are initialized?