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Open download without UI access

Question asked by mathieu on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by lementree
In my project, we implement Alfresco Enterprise - v4.2.1.
- For end-user, access to Alfresco (upload, delete…) is only possible with web services (CMIS : /alfresco/service/). There is no direct access to the UI (only for administration).
- After an upload, link to the file is stored in an other tool.
- There is no account for end-user in Alfresco (only for administration). Upload, delete… are performed with technical user.

My questions are:
- When a user clicks to the link of a file (example:, an authentication are required. Who to configure Alfresco to disable authentication for download ?
- Once authentication to download is disabled (point above), my second point is to block access to the UI if the user is not login. Example: if a user has the link, I want that he can download it without login BUT if he keeps only the begining of the URL I don't want that it can access to alfresco folder tree.

Is-it possible ?
Thank you for you help.