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SOLR - dataimport

Question asked by mtw999 on Jun 5, 2014

Working with another team in my org who is trying to import Alfresco SOLR data into a non-Alfresco SOLR instance using:


I provided org with certs & keystore such that if, nothing else, they should be able to connect. However, when they do try to connect, they are getting I'm thinking this is an issue with SSL configuration of container their SOLR is running in. Can anyone shed any light as to cause of this error?

Secondly, has anyone done anything like this (https://localhost:8984/solr/solr/dataimport) of the Alfresco SOLR data? Goal of the org is to expose Alfresco in a home brewed enterprise search. I know there are some vendors that are able to present aggregated search data, but I don't fully know details of how they are doing this.