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Replace a php web app with a custom space/folder in share

Question asked by leonardo.celati on Jun 6, 2014
I would like to have suggestions on how to redesign an infrastructure I have up and running.

This the existing:

- A group of JEE Rest web services serving more application (web and mobile).
- A separate php crud talking to POST endpoints to fill data

I would like to keep the web services and instead get rid of the PHP interface, to have Alfresco Share gather all the information. This is roughly what I would like to do:

<b>New content</b>
-Create a custom type in Share, edit and fill relevant information (I already did that)
-On Save/update/delete an approve workflow should be invoked
-The relevant web services endpoints are invoked for the approved content

<b>Existing content (retrieve content already inserted by the PHP web app) </b>
-create a new space/folder (probably of a specific type) and eventually blocking the creation of new folder/space of such type
-block space and import existing content in background
-release space

I have already created my custom type, but then I am quite lost about the best way to implement the rest of the architecture.

However as a general rule I would like to touch the web services as less as possible.

I hope I made myself clear…