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Binaries in contentstore but not in the database?

Question asked by morganp1 on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by morganp1
Hi everybody!

Version: Alfresco CE 4.2.c
Database: PostgreSQL 9.0.4
OS: OEL 6.4

Some days ago, I faced a very strange issue with my Alfresco instance. Indeed, it seems that some "ghosts files" have been created on the contentstore without being linked in the database. At 6 PM, I received an alert showing that the file system was full. After the deletion of some GB under the contentstore.deleted directory, I noticed that some big files were created between 5 pm and 6 pm (from 100MB to 1.6GB per file).

So I tried to find those documents from Alfresco Share using the Solr engine but nothing special comes out… So I decided to take a look at the database and here is the thing: those documents can't be found in the database.

I used the following command to find the relation between the path on the File System of a document and a node UUID:
select, n.uuid, u.content_url
from alf_node n, alf_node_properties p, alf_namespace ns, alf_qname q, alf_content_data d, alf_content_url u
where = p.node_id
and q.local_name = 'content'
and ns.uri = ''
and = q.ns_id
and p.qname_id =
and p.long_value =
and d.content_url_id =
and u.content_url = 'store://2014/6/5/17/43/6a1e9ffc-82c2-4c92-88fb-7b56407d6a8b.bin';

With that command, I'm able to find all documents that are stored in Alfresco but not those created from 5pm to 6pm on that day because the command return 0 row…

So, does anyone know what happened? Is it safe to remove those files from the file system? And finally how to prevent this from happen again?

Thanks for your help, it will be highly appreciated!