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why CKeditor don't appear?

Question asked by rock_tu on Jun 11, 2014
Hello Everyone
I have done that following the link, My problem is that why the CKEditor don't appear? what's wrong with my procedure? Any one can help me? thank you very much!
my procedures are as following:
the first method:
1 download the zip file from the above link
2 using the ant build the source code then generate a ckeditor-form-control.jar
3 copy the above job into the tomcat/shared/lib within the alfresco installation
4 using the sample configuration file by removing .sample extesnion then copy the file into tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension directory
5 restore the server

the second method
1 download the zip file from the link
2 use ant build as amp
3 import the above amp to the share
4 using the sample configuration file by remove .sample extension,and copy the file into tomcat/shared/classed/alfresco/web-extension directory
5 add the dependencies from the above link to the share-config-custom.xml file
6 restare the server
I found that the above two method don't work,what is incorrect in the above two method? Any one can give me a solution? thank you