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Alfresco-SAP integration: connexas 2.5.5 available

Question asked by mario.fliegner on Jun 11, 2014

Dear Alfresco Community,

[size=20]we are proud to announce the new version 2.5.5 of our product connexas!*[/size]

It was recently re-certified and therefore approved by Alfresco again to match all coding standards and best practices to run on Alfresco Enterprise (up to version 4.2). It is also still certified by SAP.

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For your convenience we are continuously working on making our product better, faster and more efficient to use – even it is just an interface.
Hereby we want to update you with the most important benefits and features of the new version:

•   Multiple SAP Systems
It is now possible to connect up to 5 different SAP systems to one Alfresco. Each of the connected SAP systems may also have different content repositories that can be specified. With this new feature one of the most customer related requirements is covered and available!  So you are able to connect your (maybe) separated HR and FI system to one Alfresco or just connect your DEV and TEST system to one Alfresco.

•   Open relevant SAP business objects of replicated documents in SAP Web-GUI
Alfresco is now just one click away from SAP! The document actions menu for all replicated SAP documents was enhanced by a new command. The user is now able to open the corresponding business object with the SAP Web-GUI directly from the Alfresco document!

•   CRON-Expressions are used for jobs
We now provide the capability to handle the invocation of all connexas related jobs by using CRON-Expressions. This is the most flexible and powerful way at all to handover the control to the administrator.
We are sure that the new version will bring your SAP to your Alfresco still a bit closer and therefore improve your business (or the business of your clients).
Please feel free to download a trial version of the current release to checkout all the features and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions: [email][/email]

* connexas is an innovative product of company pernexas GmbH. With connexas we offer the only SAP certified product explicitly certified with Alfresco! In combination with the label "Alfresco certified technology" we provide you the best integrated interface between both systems at all.
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*** We're participating on the Alfresco Summit 2014 in London and in San Francisco! We would be glad to meet you in one of our presentations/talks there. ***