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Upgrade 4.0 to 4.2 => Lucene reindex failing

Question asked by kbonnet on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by mitpatoliya
Hi Alfrescians,

I'm upgrading an Alfresco 4.0 to an Alfresco 4.2. All went well, except for the lucene indexes. The reindexing starts, but ends in a, so it seems, indefinete "Index cleaner running". I got this message by raising the loglevels for lucene indexing. This is all happening in the startup sequence, so Alfresco is not starting. When i switch the to "solr" or "noindex", Alfresco is starting smoothly.

For all attempts i start with a non-existing directory "lucene-indexes" in alf_data. On one attempt, it's only creating subdirectories "users" and locks", on other attempts, it creates them all. It seems a bit random.

There was one time i did get a complete set of new indexes for this contentstore/database, but now it wont work. What can be wrong? Does anyone have experience with this?

At my last attempt, there is one error logged. Not a lot later it stops doing except for logging "index cleaner running"

I have attached the tail from the log.

Thanks for any help.