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Alfresco Maven SDK vs jRebel?

Question asked by nenad982 on Jun 16, 2014
Hi all,

does anybody succeeded to created development environment for repo AND share modules using alfresco-amp maven archetype and successfully integrate these modules with jRebel?

I created these modules, I enabled jRebel nature for both modules, in the logs for both modules I see that jRebel will monitor specific resources. So for testing I wanted to changed 'Create Site' label in My Sites dashlet toolbar in Share. jRebel didn't recognized that change and this is not hot deployed on embedded Tomcat. After I execute 'mvn clean install -Pamp-to-war -Dmaven.tomcat.port=8081' again for Share module this change is visible. So I am sure that customization is on the right place. And also from the logs I see that jRebel monitors the parent folder into which I added customziations:

2014-06-16 12:18:19 JRebel: Directory 'C:\PROJECTS\shareAmpTest\target\shareAmpTest' will be monitored for changes.

and my changes are placed into




Thanks in advance…