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How to display files in folder structure and download files in alfresco cmis using c#?

Question asked by divyabharathipalivela on Jun 17, 2014
Hello Team,

I have two questions here . Please help me to sort out those problems :

1) I have uploaded files into alfresco cmis using c# . After uploading I am displaying it in a table format or tree view format. But I am unable to view those files in a folder structure. How to display like :
       + Folder Name
       + Folder Name1
       + Folder Name2
       Folder Name
           – File1
           – File2
Like that I want to display.

and coming to my second requirement

If I click on File1 It needs to be one dialog like whether you want to open file or save file ?

If I select save it needs to save it in local.

Please do help.

Waiting for response :)

Divya Palivela