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Working with external web services during workflow execution

Question asked by konart on Jun 18, 2014
Is in possible to implement such a feature in Alfresco?

Let's say I have some workflow in alfresco and an external system.
The workflow has two user tasks: one is to input some data and the other one is to approve a report, generated on an external system.

So the logic is something like this:

1) User inputs some data on step one (first task) and presses "next"
2) Some script (web service or whatever) tells the remote system to execute a job with the parameters that were put in on step one
3) When the job finishes on the external system - it sends a message to alfresco and the workflow can continue to the next step
4) On the second step different user checks if the report is correct and approves it (or not).

Or is there any practices of implementing something like this.