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Blank Screen after Login (Aflresco for Good)

Question asked by myminicoopers on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by mikeh
Since our Alfresco people updated the version, this app shows a white screen after the login. Our general question is, is Good supporting that (wrapping issue) or do we need to go to Alfresco to get the problem sorted?

we had a working Alfresco for Good app (v1.0), using our Alfresco 4.0.2 infrastructure.

Then, our Alfresco installation (not the app, the infrastructure!) has been updated to 4.2

Next thing we know, the Alfresco for Good app stopped working after the login (blank screen). But, the original Alfresco app you can find in the iTunes Store still works, as well as using Alfresco via the Safari browser.

What I want to know now, is: -> Good for Enterprise supporting this kind of problem in general, or do I have to contact Alfresco?