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Problem Opening Online Edit Docs - WinXP

Question asked by g_rathod on Jun 20, 2014
Hi Friends,

We are using load balancer having two nodes
1) node 1
2) node 2

We are using Windows XP as operating system
We are using MS Office 2007

Alfresco 4.1.4 Enterprise

Now problem is as below :

When we open any document using share's action online edit (e.g. docm) it tries to open in MS office 2007 but could not open that , only MS office loads but with no document.

In another case When we open single instance of word 2007 or open blank doc, and then click Edit Online action link in alfresco share, it opens document correctly.

So if office is open in background then edit online functionality opens the document, otherwise it only loads MS office.

What could be the issue ? Its somewhat urgent for me.