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Custom Alfresco Search using Solr 4.8

Question asked by coolsarath2002 on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by kaynezhang
Hi I am currently able to connect Alfresco 4.2 with solr 4.8 using Apache manifoldCF API. The indexes are happening just fine when i integrate with Alfresco + ManifoldCF + solr 4.8. But when i do a search in Alfresco admin pages I get the below exception

I can understand the Apache OOTB Solr does not have a request mapping as /solr/alfresco/alfresco?…. How can i change/override the AlfrescoSolr and redirect to Apache Solr 4.8 for search my indexes…. 05230005 Request failed 404 /solr/alfresco/alfresco?wt=json&fl=DBID%2Cscore&rows=500&df=TEXT&start=0&locale=en_US&fq=%7B%21afts%7DAUTHORITY_FILTER_FROM_JSON&fq=%7B%21afts%7DTENANT_FILTER_FROM_JSON

Is it possible to have such an approach???