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Setting 'My Home' as start location for some users only by javascript

Question asked by valfontanette on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by sanketgosavi

I am trying to do something similar.
I've done a javascript to create my defined structure for companies. So, each new company to be created I set the script to:
- create an user for this company;
- create a group for them;
- set the user in their group;
- create a folder for this company;
- set permissions for this group on this folder;

After that, I need to login as the created user and set the startLocation for it. The start location comes as "My Alfresco".
I need to set this to "My home" for some users (not all of them) but they are many. So, I am trying to do this in my script also. But, it is not working.

How to set the start location for some users? Is it possible by javascript?

So far, I have tried these:

usuarios[0]=new Array("cliente1","CLIENTE 1","CLIENTE 1","","cliente1","CLIENTE 1","PROJETO 1 - PEDIDO 001");

for (var i in usuarios)
username = usuarios[0];
firstname = usuarios[1];
lastname = usuarios[2];
email = usuarios[3];
passwd = usuarios[4];
nome_pastacliente = usuarios [5];
nome_projeto = usuarios [6];

nome_grupocliente = "G_CLI_"+usuarios [5];

people.createPerson(username, firstname, lastname, email, passwd, true);
var user = people.getPerson(username);

//create group …
//set user in the group …

//Set the start location

(1)["cm:initial-location"]= "myalfresco";
(2)["cm:initial-location"]= "My Home";
(3)["cm:defaultHomeFolderPath"]= "My Home";;


What Am I doing wrong? Is there a way to set StartLocation for different kind of users?
Someone please?!?

Thanks a lot!